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What do we do

We are committed to the sustainable and socially responsible production of the highest quality shrimp post larvae and the creation of the "Bio Larva" brand based on aquatic biotechnology and honesty to win the loyalty of our customers nationwide, through consistency in our product, generating well-being and development for our collaborators, profitability for our shareholders and contributing to strengthening the economy of Honduran society. Always maintaining an honest win-win business relationship with our clients, suppliers and collaborators.

Our products


› There are maturation rooms and larval rearing rooms that are properly equipped and conditioned to guarantee good management in the crop and thus provide our customers with a good quality of our product.
The reproducers are produced in our facilities, which allows us to monitor them from the nauplii, post-larva, juvenile and adult stages. We have a genetic improvement and selection program under strict control standards in growth, size and survival.
› One of the policies of the laboratory within its production processes is the use of probiotics in the water from the nauplii stage to the post-larvae stage, with this we provide a stronger and more resistant product to our customers.

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